Baucom’s Wager

What is Baucom’s wager? Glad you asked. But first, you get a short history/philosophy lesson. I promise it won’t be painful.

Back in the 1600’s, philosopher Blaise Pascal was struggling with the many topics that could not, at that time, be proven. He was pushing for people to use reason. Into that fray he stepped, trying to address belief in God. The obvious then is still the obvious: God remains unprovable (and undisprovable) by science. So, Pascal saw it as a matter of faith.

He proposed a wager that is now know as Pascal’s Wager. The wager is this “People should believe in God, as it makes reasonable sense. If you believe in God, and there is no God, you have lost nothing. If you believe in God, and there is God, you have gained everything. If you don’t believe in God, and there is God, you lose everything.” In essence, the only losing position was not believing in God, and finding that there is God. For Pascal, it was clear that it only made sense to believe in God.

Now, here is Baucom’s Wager. I apply it to whether or not you should work to save your marriage. Don’t worry, it is not about God, merely that I am borrowing Pascal’s frame. So, here is my Wager:

  • If you work on your marriage, and it cannot be saved, you have lost nothing.
  • If you work on your marriage and save it, you have gained your relationship.
  • If you do not work on your marriage, you have lost the relationship.

In essence, it is reasonable to work on the relationship. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Let me know what you think about my wager, and if you are ready to take the wager, you can grab my ebook and special reports.

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