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“It shouldn’t be this hard”

I had heard that line many times before.  She was just the next client to tell me this.  It was her justification for ending the relationship. “Brenda” was distraught, only 6 years into her marriage.  Their love was so strong in the beginning.  It seemed they were perfect for each other. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, things […]


Revive To Thrive: New Video

Been following my information on building a thriving marriage? Well, the third video is now up. Again, no obligation or requirements. Just good information to help you discover what keeps you from having a thriving marriage. . . and what to do about it! Take a look at the video HERE! ********************More marriage saving information […]


Please Watch This Video

OK, this is slightly off the subject of marriage. It is more about me. I have created my first YouTube video. It ain’t great. But it is an entry in a contest to help me be a best-selling author. Will you help? Just watch it. It is only 2 minutes long, and has two of […]