A Quantum Leap: Barbara Walton
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

What a talented group I have around me.  My team of coaches are amazing coaches and outstanding individuals.  Which is why I wanted to share their wisdom with you.  And this week, we continue with an interview with one of my coaches.

Coach Barbara Walton

Barbara has been a part of my team since the beginning.  But long before joining my team, Barbara was coaching.  In fact, she found her way into the coaching field about the same time I did.  It was back in the ’90’s, when the coaching profession was just getting started.

Coming out of a doctorate in psychology, Barbara realized the same thing I did:  she was actually a coach.  But with the extra training, Barbara joined her therapy training into her coaching.  This can be a powerful methodology — and that is true for Barbara.

During our discussions, Barbara and I discuss the potential for, not just an incremental change, but a quantum change.  Not just a little progress, but a leap — in function, in understanding, in potential.  That is the magic of coaching.  Transformation.

Listen in as Barbara and I discuss how those quantum leaps happen, and how anyone can set the stage for that to happen in their lives and relationships.

If you hear something in our discussion that rings a bell, that resonates with you, that sounds like a shift you need to make, you can email Barbara by CLICKING HERE.

Growing After Loss: Dave Crispin
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

I’ve been introducing you to my team of coaches — and to their wisdom — over the past few weeks.  If you’ve been listening, you have heard from some talented and seasoned coaches.  And you have had the chance to get some great nuggets of knowledge from their years of experience.

Coach Dave Crispin

This week is no different — except for the distance.  My team member from “Down Under,” Dave Crispin and I had a late evening/early morning talk that you get to overhear today.  Listen in as Dave talks about his own journey to today.

Dave didn’t start as a coach.  After his own loss, Dave found himself learning and growing.  Not because things were easy, but because things had been tough and he knew he had to grow.

And along the way, Dave discovered his passion for helping people as they were struggling on their own life path.

While helping others grow, Dave discovered his capacity for helping couples grow, even when their marriage was in trouble.

Listen in as Dave and I discuss how to grow through the challenging times, even using the challenges as inspiration.

If you hear something that clicks for you, and if you want to contact Dave, CLICK HERE to email him.

We Change When We Change: Terri Hase
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Over these past few episodes, I have been sharing interviews with my team of coaches — and sharing their depth of wisdom and knowledge with you.

Coach Terri Hase

This week, I share an interview with Terri Hase.  Another of my skilled and seasoned coaches, Terri brings a wealth of knowledge and tools to her clients.  And in our interview, Terri shares some great information for anyone trying to save their marriage.

One of the topics we discuss is change — even the delayed change.  You know, those things that need to be change, but we put them off?  And then, you make the change… only to have a spouse doubt your veracity.

Well, change is tough.  And sometimes, we don’t make changes… until we have to.

Don’t let that diminish your efforts to make changes!  Even when a spouse is resisting, making those changes is necessary and important.

Listen in as Terri discusses her journey through challenges to arrive at coaching, and how to move through the change process.

If you want to contact Terri, CLICK HERE TO EMAIL.

Staying The Course: Laurie Johnson
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Over the past few episodes, you have met some of my coaches.  All are amazing and outstanding coaches, as well as wonderful people.  Today, you get to meet another amazing person, Laurie Johnson.

Coach Laurie Johnson

So, what do you do when one of the worst hurricanes hits your home and destroys all that you have?  You rebuild.  Not just your property, but your life.

Which is precisely how Laurie found her home in coaching.  As is true with most coaches, it is not a matter of starting at zero.  Most people who become coaches have been “coaching” their entire lives.  They just didn’t know it.  So, for Laurie, it was about connecting the dots, seeing a new future, and building toward that.

Interestingly, that is pretty much the recipe for rebuilding a marriage.  Once you can connect all the dots, you have to be able to see a different future.  Beyond the devastation that might be there.  To a future that is bigger and better.  And then, you have to do the work to build toward that.

Laurie and I talk about the importance of those efforts — the importance of choosing your direction and then “staying the course.”

Listen in as Laurie shares her wisdom for dealing with a marriage crisis, even when the storm is hitting, the winds are blowing, and you aren’t sure if you can hold on.  You can.

If you want to contact Laurie, CLICK HERE TO EMAIL.

Uncovering Hope: Annette Carpien
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Hope is an interesting thing.  It can disappear — or you can build it.

Coach Annette Carpien

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been introducing you to my incredibly talented team of coaches.  And this week, Annette Carpien is my guest.  A part of my team from the beginning of me having a team, Annette is a skilled coach who brings hope into her work.

In her coaching, Annette wants to do more than just make a small shift in the relationship.  As she puts it, she wants to help make the relationship “juicy,” something that both people cherish and protect.

As Annette and I talk, you will hear her infectious enthusiasm that comes from a place of hope — and confidence that she can help make a real shift.

With her tools and skills, Annette is a great asset to my team, a great coach, and a wealth of wisdom for those ready to make a true shift.

If you resonate with anything you hear from Annette and would like to discuss coaching with her, contact her by EMAILING HERE.

Shift From Control: Nina Potter
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Over the last couple of episodes, and over the next few, you get to meet and learn from my amazing coaches.  They are all hand-selected by me because of their expertise as coaches.  Then, we add in my tools and approach.  And, their outstanding coaching becomes your chance for transformation.

Coach Nina Potter

In this episode, I chat with Nina Potter, one of my earliest coaches.  Nina knows relationship struggles because she has been there.  And because of her own relationship challenges, Nina set out to learn all about relationships:  what makes them healthy — and how to turn them around when they aren’t healthy.

My coaches are a wealth of wisdom.  And Nina shares her wisdom during our discussion.  We talk about the dangers of control, and how to make a shift when a marriage is stuck.

If you are interested in contacting Nina, you can EMAIL HER HERE.

Return To Love: Debbie Rivera
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Last week, you got to hear from me a little about who I am and why I do what I do.  Over the next few weeks, I want to introduce you to my amazing team of coaches.  Not just introduce you, but let you listen to their wisdom that can help you in your efforts to save your marriage.

Coach Debbie Rivera

This week, I introduce you to Coach Debbie Rivera.  Debbie is a gem of a person and a diamond of a coach!  She brings skill and integrity into her coaching and her life.  Her calm and cool can guide you through a crisis. Her skills can equip you to take on your crisis effectively and efficiently.

As we talk, Debbie shares one of the most important shifts that must happen in the process of saving a marriage:  returning to love.

Listen as Debbie and I discuss the process of returning to love.

(And if you want to contact Debbie, CLICK TO EMAIL)

Don’t Blame Valentine!
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Don't blame it on Valentine. Why romance kills marriages.Let me just say, from the outset, I AM a fan of romance.

That said, I DON’T like when “romantic feelings” are used as the yardstick for a marriage.  If you are dating someone and have no romantic feelings, ever, that is a reason for concern.  If you have been married for awhile and are not feeling the romance… that is something to work on.  Not a reason to walk away.

Which brings us to the last couple of days. Today (the day this episode comes out) is Valentine’s Day.  According to tradition, it honors a priest, Valentine. During the reign of Emperor Claudius II in third century Rome, Valentine disobeyed the emperor.  Claudius had decided that young single men made good soldiers.  Not so good when attached to a love.  So, he forbade marriage.

But Valentine persisted in marrying young couples in love. And according to tradition, he paid the price of disobeying with his life.

There are other twists and turns to the history of Valentine’s day.  But the fact remains that the day is in honor of St. Valentine.

Which is the point I think we miss.  He stood for marriage.  Not just romance.  Marriage.  He didn’t condone love.  He supported marriage.  He married those in love.  It was not him trying to get people to fall in love.  He was marrying those in love.

Why does that matter?

Because of how we have elevated the feeling of being “in love.”  Otherwise known as infatuation.  An unsustainable rush of excitement and adrenaline that acts like obsession and addiction.  But has somehow become the yardstick of a successful marriage.

Is it great when those emotions resurface throughout a marriage?  Absolutely.

But when they become the yardstick… trouble.

Listen to the podcast for more.

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5 Reasons Your Marriage Isn’t Turning Around
150 150Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

I often 5 reasons why your marriage has not turned around and is still in crisis.get emails and phone calls asking, “Why isn’t my marriage turning around?  Why aren’t things improving?”

My first assessment is to see how long they have been trying. (I heard from a guy that told me he had spent the afternoon on the marriage, and it was no different!)  Sometimes, the timeframe is too short.  But sometimes, the efforts have gone along for awhile.

Next, I ask how long the crisis has been going on.  Generally, it has been going on longer than the person thinks.  They just didn’t know it was in trouble.

After that, the primary reasons why a marriage hasn’t turned (yet) fit within 5 categories.

Your strategy changes, depending upon which category your marriage (or more accurately, your spouse’s response) fits into.

If you can identify the category, you can choose your response for that particular category.

Let’s go through the categories in this episode of the podcast and see if we can plot a course that turns things around.

Resentment in Marriage
Having A Plan
Stalled Out?
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