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April 2008

“What IS Up With The Secret Of Marriage?”
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

That is the question I have been bombarded with! “What’s up with The Secret of Marriage?”

Let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on. First,some background:

Over the past 20 years, I have spent my career helping to save and improve marriages. I have spoken to numerous groups, written numerous articles, and have offered a best selling ebook(which you may already know about).

What you don’t know is that there has always been a burning question in my mind: What makes the difference between a failed marriage and a successful marriage?

Over the past few years, that question has burned even brighter. Slowly, I have begun to pull out some secrets to what makes the difference. These are secrets in the sense that when people in successful marriages stumble upon them, they haven’t
even realized it.

I realized one day (standing in the shower, if that is not too much information for you) that I needed to take that information and get it out.

You see, I was convinced that these secrets didn’t really want to be secrets. Some days, I wonder.

I worked on the project for some time. Then, one day, bad news: my hard drive crashed! Good news: I had a backup! Bad news: the files for this project were corrupted on my backup! Good news: they were able to salvage the data on my laptop. Bad news: that took several months! Good news: I had the info in my idea notebook that I always carry with me to jot observations and thoughts. Really bad news: one
day, in a torrential downpour, it fell out of my computer case. It stayed in the rain OVERNIGHT! (And ink really does become an unreadable mess!)

For a little bit, I thought the secret would remain just that. Then I was reading about Viktor Frankl, the holocaust survivor who wrote Man’s Search For Meaning. His life work, his manuscript, was taken from him and destroyed when he was sent
to a Concentration Camp.

Well, I resolved to get those secrets out. And they are almost ready to be out there.

On May 1, I will be releasing videos and audios that will reveal the secret(s) to marriage. You see, there is one major secret and 3 other secrets (all reinforcing each other) that will literally transform your relationship, and well,
your life!

Go take a look at The Secret Of Marriage.

If you haven’t already grabbed the free report about the Rules of Fair Fighting, you can do that while you are there. The link is in a post there.

The reason I haven’t already released the secrets? Simple. The videos are not yet ready. I finally decided to set a deadline and make it happen. May 1st seemed manageable!

Now, with LOTS of hours behind me, I’m not so sure how manageable it really was, but I WILL make it happen!

More marriage saving information can be found in my ebook, available by CLICKING HERE.