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May 2011

Save The Marriage Video: Will Problems Just Happen Again?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Has your spouse told you that even if you did work on the marriage, the problems would just come back, so why bother?  Or perhaps you did work on your marriage, only to see the problems return.

Does that mean that problems returning is unavoidable?  Does that make you or your spouse wonder “what’s the point?”

I would contend that you have “missed the point!”  Sure, every marriage has problems.  But let me tell you how you can end a problem for good, and be better prepared to deal with any other problems that emerge!

Watch this video!

Video: How Can We Protect Our Marriage?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Marriages get into trouble when they are not protected.  And marriages that are recovering must protect the marriage, so that it can keep growing.  Marriages that are doing well STILL need to protect their relationship, in order to prevent problems.

This video can help you protect your marriage from problems, and help recover from problems, by helping you learn how to protect your relationship.

Video: I Can’t Get My Spouse To Go To Therapy!
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Many people think the only way that their marriage can be saved is through marital therapy.  So, when a spouse refuses to go, you might think you are out of luck in saving your marriage.  Can the marriage be saved without therapy?  Absolutely!

In fact, marriage therapy has a dismal track record!  At least 50% of couples who go to marital therapy still divorce (higher than the general population), and only 10 to 15% report any positive benefit!

Learn the truth in this video.

Save The Marriage Video: I Keep Messing Up. What Do I Do?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Do you find yourself in a panic, making a crisis even worse?  Does that mean you can’t save your marriage?

Time to discover what you need to do if you want to save your marriage, even if you are making mistakes.  Let’s face it:  you are in the midst of a crisis, and most of us do not do well with fear.  But that doesn’t mean there is no hope.  We just need to get you back on track!  Learn how to save your marriage, even if you keep messing up!

Video: What If My Spouse Wants A Divorce?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Has your spouse asked for a divorce?  Are you wanting to stop the divorce.  Can you save your marriage, or is it too late?  We look at these questions in this video.

My belief is that you can STILL save your marriage, but let me tell you more about that in this video.

Video: Can You Fall In Love Again?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

We recently looked at where the love went.  Today, we want to examine the question, “can we fall in love again?”  A crucial question.

You see, I don’t think you should just be saving your marriage to avoid divorce.  I believe you can and should be building an exceptional marriage.  A marriage crisis does not mean you simply limp along into the future.  You grow, learn, develop, and create a marriage much, much better than ever before.

Want to know what can happen?  Watch this video to help you save your marriage.

Save The Marriage Video: I Thought Everything Was OK! What Happened?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

A marriage crisis can rear-end you!  You feel like you didn’t see it coming.  At least weekly, I hear from someone telling me that they knew their marriage was not going as well as they would like, but they thought it was temporary.  Maybe they expected that once the kids were grown, there would be time for the marriage.  Or perhaps they thought that once their jobs were secure, or they were promoted, or. . . .

Fact is, marriages can fall apart, and one or the other spouse doesn’t see it coming, making you wonder “can this marriage be saved?” or “can I save my marriage?”

Start by learning what happened in this video.

Video: What If My Spouse Doesn’t Love Me Anymore?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Have you heard “I love you but I am not in love with you,” or even more hurtful, “I don’t love you anymore”?  Those are devastating words. . . unless you realize the meaning behind them.

While I can’t take away the sting of hearing those words, I think I can cast some light on what that really means.  Please watch this video, if you have heard, or suspect, those words.  You can still save your marriage!

Save The Marriage Video: Will A Midlife Crisis End My Marriage?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

So, we have a basic understanding now of what a midlife crisis really is.  But that only creates another question:  will it end your marriage?  Can the marriage be saved in the midst of a crisis?  The answer will be a challenge, but can lead to transformation of the marriage, if you heed advice on your marriage.  Stop your divorce that a midlife crisis is creating.  Watch the video.

Save The Marriage Video: What Is A MidLife Crisis?
150 150 Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Do you, in the midst of trying to save your marriage, suspect that your spouse is having a midlife crisis?  Many people think they know what that means, but do you really understand it?  Do you know what effect a midlife crisis can have on a marriage, creating a midlife marriage crisis?  Can this marriage be saved if the spouse is in the midst of a crisis?  Here is your “save my marriage advice” when a midlife crisis seems to be a part of the problem!