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How to save your marriage in a midlife crisis.Midlife crisis.  It is the brunt of many jokes.  Some people say there is no such thing.  Evidently, they have never had a spouse go through a midlife crisis.

Some people scoff at people who buy a new sports car, change their diet/exercise/activities/friends, look for another love interest, change careers, or any other “symptom” of the crisis.  But this misses the reality, depth, and pain of such a crisis.

There are 5 steps that create a midlife marriage crisis, and there are 5 tasks required to successfully navigate the crisis.

If you are trying to survive a midlife crisis of a spouse, you will want to tune in and learn about why the crisis is there, how it can be useful, and how to change the outcome, so you can save your marriage (and your sanity!).

Did you know this crisis can be an opportunity for growth?

Did you know this crisis may propel your relationship to a whole other level (much deeper and satisfying)?

Did you know there are ways to keep the crisis from getting stuck?

Learn the 5 steps in and out, so that you can change the direction of a downward spiral, revive your marriage, and become healthier from it all.

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Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Dr. Baucom is internationally known for his methods and approaches to saving marriages. For over 25 years, Dr. Baucom has been helping people around the world to save, restore, and create the relationships they desire and deserve. He is the author of the book, How To Save Your Marriage In 3 Simple Steps, and creator of the Save The Marriage System, as well as numerous other resources.

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  • Liza

    This was great! My question is how do I get that intimacy you are talking about?

  • Derek

    Good ol’ green and growing or ripe and rotting…

  • Mark S.

    Great info, Lee. All I can say is you can’t emphasize enough the amount of patience we’ll need when our spouse is going through a midlife crisis! My wife’s crisis started two and a half years ago, and even though we still live together and get along well, she’s not committed to the marriage and we are not physically intimate. Make no mistake dealing with this has been hard on me, but it does get easier with time… Especially if we follow your advice and build a new life full of meaning and purpose. I would add that it also helps if we keep the focus on ourselves, instead of on our spouse who is spinning, searching for answers. We need to be the ROCK. Thanks!

  • Adina

    I’m a 36 year old woman that is in the middle of a mid life crisis. I just realized all of this today and I listened to this podcast with my spouse. We’ve been separated now for 10 months and it’s been very hard on us both. I’m recognizing my faults and am trying to make things right with him, I pray things only get better from here. Thanks for the info…