“Don’t Listen To This” – Reverse Psychology

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Will reverse psychology really save a marriage? Can this tip or trick help you stop a divorce?Have you ever noticed how often we want an easy answer?

Sometimes, people ask for my help, and I start giving some guidelines, offering my System.  It turns out they didn’t want that.  They tell me, “No, can you just give me a couple of tips?”

I can give tips on how to boil an egg better, how to keep your charging cord from shredding, and even a tip on a simple exercise routine.  But a “tip” or hint that will save a marriage?  Not likely.

But if you look around, you will see plenty of these tips and hints.  Simple things that promise to save your marriage.  Tricks, really.  Like, say, Reverse Psychology.

Sounds awesome.  Just say the opposite of what you mean, and your spouse will suddenly change directions and decide to NOT divorce.  Like magic.  Or at least like a trick.

We love those tricks.  Why?  Because then, we don’t really have to change anything.  We don’t have to look at the REAL issues.  We don’t have to fix the underlying problems.  Wed don’t have to really change.  We just, well, “trick” someone.

Except for one thing:  it doesn’t work.

Let me tell you why.  Listen in on this week’s podcast.

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