3 Reasons Your Efforts Might Fail

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WillAnythingWorkOver and over, people tell me about their “unique” situation, doubting that my System would do anything for their marriage problem.  Deep down inside, we all believe we are “special,” unique, and beyond the information that is out there.

My belief is that there are some commonalities to why marriages work.  A marriage in trouble does need to do some repair work.  But even that process is doing what works — following the “laws” of a marriage.

But over and over, I watch people hit the same spot in their efforts. . .  and fail.  I call these the Points of Failure.  There is a Primary Fail Point, which I won’t cover in this podcast.  It is big enough that it needed an extensive training that I provide for VIP members.

Another 3, though, are critical to know and avoid.  They are:

  1. Not being accountable/taking responsibility (this has NOTHING to do with blame or fault),
  2. Not having a plan/not preparing,
  3. Not following a system or approach.

These are such important points, and so easily missed.

Listen to this week’s podcast, so you understand the Fail Points, and know how to avoid them.

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