Healing Your Resentments

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Healing your own resentments.Resentments are the deep infections of anger.  When anger is unresolved, it becomes a systemic poison.  But do remember that anger is really a result of hurt and fear/threat.  It just comes out as anger.

When the hurt goes unaddressed and the anger festers, it becomes resentment.  Resentment then spreads into more and more areas of relating.  It pulls the relationship down, weakening the connection and destroying good feelings.

Your spouse may have lots of resentment toward you.  We will be covering that next week.  But we always start with ourselves.  What about YOUR resentments?  How do you heal YOUR resentments?

If you don’t start there, you won’t be effective in addressing your spouse’s resentments.

Join me for this week’s podcast, as we discuss healing your resentments. . .

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