3 Secrets Of People Who Save Their Marriage (And YOU Need To Know)

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3 secrets people who save their marriage know, and you need to learn.aI have watched from the sidelines as people work to save their marriage.  And it strikes me that there are three secrets people who save their marriage learn and master.  If you don’t know these secrets, you need to.

What are those 3 secrets?

  1.  They know the difference between Symptoms and Cause.
  2. They know their spouse is not the enemy. (You may think you know this, too.  But you may be acting the opposite.)
  3. They know they need a plan.  (Not just a thought, or an idea, but a plan.)

If you don’t know these secrets, you need to learn them.  Listen to this week’s podcast below to learn the secrets.

It’s About WE
Spouse As Enemy
You Need A Plan
Get The System

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Dr. Baucom is internationally known for his methods and approaches to saving marriages. For over 25 years, Dr. Baucom has been helping people around the world to save, restore, and create the relationships they desire and deserve. He is the author of the book, How To Save Your Marriage In 3 Simple Steps, and creator of the Save The Marriage System, as well as numerous other resources.

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