Surviving Infidelity

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How to survive an affair and marital infidelity.Last week, I shared a podcast on Surviving Separation.  I heard back from some folks who asked, “what about surviving an affair?”

I thought it was a fair question.

So this week, I discuss how to survive an affair.  If you are interested, I have an entire book dedicated to Recovering From The Affair.  This podcast is not so much about recovering as surviving — living through it, so that you can get to the point that you CAN recover.

Before you can heal, you have to stop the bleeding.

And let’s be very clear:  infidelity is very tough on a relationship.

But not insurmountable.

In the podcast, I cover some basics about infidelity and the pain caused by an affair. (Along with a quick coverage of the root causes of infidelity.)

Then we talk first aid.  I discuss 4 parts of a process to get you going.

So that you can survive infidelity.

Listen below for more.

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Recovering From The Affair book

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

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