Surviving Empty Nest and MidLife

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Survive the empty nest and a midlife crisis -- a thriving marriage.If you followed the common pattern, you got married and some short time later, you had a child.  And perhaps another (or a few). You likely went from “spouse” to “parent” in a fairly short amount of time.

The years fly by (I know — mine are both in their 20’s and out of the house).  You blink and they are leaving.

You blink again, and you realize you and your spouse are faced with an empty nest. And maybe at the same time, a mid life crisis. In fact, sometimes, they are intertwined. The role you held is disappearing. While you will always be concerned about and care for your kids, they might not want so much “parenting.”

What happens now?

For many, this is the beginning of a marriage crisis. In reality, the crisis was long brewing underneath the surface. Timing now conspires to bring empty nest, mid life crisis, and marriage crisis to the forefront.

How do you survive?

Can you thrive?

You WILL survive.  And you CAN thrive.

Let’s talk about how in this week’s Save The Marriage Podcast episode.

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