“Can I Convince My Spouse To Stay?”

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Can I convince my spouse to stay?  Why trying can backfire and what to do instead.I sometimes check to see what people might search on my website.  It helps me to understand what difficulties people are having.  And often, it helps me decide on podcast topics.

One phrase appears repeatedly in searches:  “Can I convince my spouse to stay?” or “How can I convince my spouse to save our marriage?”

So, in this episode of my podcast, I answer that very question.

If you want the simple answer, here it is:  “No.”

But there is a follow-up:  “At least, not directly.”

If you want a bit more detail, please listen to the podcast for further details.  I cover WHY you can’t convince a spouse, HOW that might be more damaging if you try, and WHAT to do instead (5 core things you need to be doing).

So, if you have been wondering how/if you can convince a spouse to save your marriage, let’s discuss it on this week’s podcast!

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