Are You Ready For Coaching?

Are You Ready To Take A LEAP In Your Efforts To Save Your Marriage?

Relationship Coaching is an excellent way to make great progress in your life and your relationship.

As you already know, I started my career as a therapist.  My specialty was marriage therapy.  But I was more and more discouraged with the statistics on marital therapy.  The outcome studies, across the board, show around an 80% failure rate (actually a conservative estimate).  Only 5 to 10% of people report lasting positive results.

That does not mean that every therapist is bad or ineffective.  But it does mean that the therapy approach is, at least for saving marriages, a failure.

There are a number of reasons why the therapy approach does not help, and I discuss them elsewhere.

I decided to change my approach.  And so, I focused on Relationship Coaching.  For me, it offered two very distinct benefits over therapy:

  1. It is solution-focused, not problem-focused.  Coaching does not go on an “archeology dig” for all the things that went wrong (usually, this simply becomes a “who was wrong” approach).  Instead, Coaching is about building toward something better.
  2. One person can get the benefit of Relationship Coaching.  It is hard to do marital therapy with only one person present.  At the same time, trying to drag a resistant spouse into therapy is a recipe for a therapeutic disaster.  The resistance will likely deepen.  Yet, with coaching, an individual can work on improving life and the relationship.

What Is Coaching?For this reason, I abandoned my clinical therapy practice, and chose to only work with people as a Life and Relationship Coach.  And I can honestly tell you, I haven’t looked back.  It is satisfying to watch people grow and blossom in their own lives, and to watch life come back into dying relationships.

It is the same shift in thinking that led to the Save The Marriage System, a linchpin in your transforming your marriage.

Do You Need A Coach?

I get this question from many people, “Do I need a coach?”

Let me answer that very quickly.  Yes, you do need a coach.  We ALL need coaches.  Professional athletes, at the top of their games, still use coaches.  Top level CEO’s and executives use coaches.  I have used coaches for my writing, my speaking, and for my life.

In other words, we all need a coach.  But that does not mean you will use a coach.

The real question is:  Do You WANT A Coach?

Are YOU Ready For Coaching?If you are tired of being stuck, if you can’t find the right way through, if there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be — and if you are ready for a real change — THEN you are ready for a coach.  At that point, you may decide you want a coach.

Here are 7 important ways a coach can help you:

  1. Coaches can provide a new framework or understanding of what is going on.  We can give you an “outside” perspective, allowing you to see things you are missing.  Here’s a close metaphor:  If you have a golf coach, the coach can watch your swing and critique it, because the coach has an outside viewpoint you can’t see.  It is all about a different perspective.  We all can be too close to a situation to see it for what it is.
  2. Coaches can provide a new mindset to help you shift your thinking.  Albert Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  The thinking you were doing got you to where you are.  You need a new way of thinking to change to a different path.
  3. Coaches can provide a new set of tools.  We all need to update our capacities and our tools.  Coaches know different and better ways to approach situations.  If all you have is the proverbial hammer, everything looks like a nail.  But sometimes, that screwdriver works a lot better — if only you know how to use it!  Coaching re-tools and teaches you how to use different approaches.
  4. Coaches provide accountability.  We aren’t your parents.  You still get to choose what you want to do, and how you want to do it.  But we are there to remind you of what you are trying to do — keep you on track.  And when you get lost, we can help you recalibrate and refocus.  It is natural to get thrown off-course.  Coaching can help get you back on-course and keep you moving forward.
  5. Coaches provide support.  It can be lonely and scary to be navigating a marriage crisis.  We get that.  When others (including society and culture) are telling you to give up, walk away, and accept a failed marriage, we understand what you are doing — and why you are doing it.  We will support you — and we will support you in the decisions you make.
  6. Coaches challenge you.  As lovingly as we can, we will tell you the truth.  We will confront you, when you are missing things or denying things.  We will keep you looking forward, and help you continue to move forward.  But we will tell you the truth, sometimes when nobody else will.
  7. Coaches will transform your life.  Coaching is transformational to your entire life.  Your life is intertwined.  Pull on one thread, you pull on all the threads.  We will help you with your relationship and with your life.

3 C’s Coaching™

Our coaching is based on my 3 C’s Approach to Saving Your Marriage.  We focus on 3 specific areas of transformation:

  1. Connecting with your spouse.
  2. Changing yourself.
  3. Creating a new path for your relationship.

These three areas are the foundational points of saving your marriage.  In order to turn your relationship around, all three areas must be changed.  So, our coaching focuses on the 3 C’s to bring about a total transformation.

This is NOT about manipulating or convincing.  It is NOT about “reverse psychology” or hypnosis.  It IS about personal and relational transformation.

Are YOU ready?  Do YOU want a coach?

Available Coaching Programs for You

We have three ways for you to get coaching from my team and myself.  All three will help you transform yourself and your relationship.  Choose which one makes the most sense to you.

Virtual Coaching Community

Our Virtual Coaching Program has been very popular, filling up a number of times.  I do have a maximum number of participants I can accommodate, so I sometimes have to close the program until some people “graduate.”

This program allows you to get your questions answered by me on a weekly conference call.  We take the Save The Marriage System and apply it to your specific situation.

With a specially designed web interface, you can submit questions, access extra resources (including downloadable audios of the conference calls), and receive additional training.

Many people like the fact that the Virtual Coaching allows you to “time shift” the coaching to whenever it is convenient to you.  Can’t make the call?  Listen to the recordings at your leisure.  Have to access materials in privacy?  The web interface is available to you, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

And it doesn’t matter where you are located.  There are access numbers for the conference calls around the world.

Also, this coaching is extremely affordable, costing 5% of what my normal “1-on-1” coaching fee.  You get access to me and my resources for a very affordable investment in your future.



One-to-One Coaching With One Of My Coaches

A few years back, I realized I only had so much time, and many people needed further assistance with their marriages.

With that in mind, I sought out and hand-picked the best Relationship Coaches I could find, spread throughout the world.  These coaches were already trained and skilled.  I added my training and approach, so that they could work with you through the 3 C’s Model for Relationship Coaching.

My coaches are ready to work with you, regardless of your location in the world.  They can work by phone or by Skype, saving you time and energy you might waste in getting to an appointment.  And we have discovered that virtual work (phone or Skype) is at least as effective as working with you “in person.”  Many find it to be even more effective (and much more convenient).

We guide you every step of the way.If you and your spouse are both on-board with saving and improving your relationship, my coaches can work with both of you, simultaneously, on the same call.  But if you are like many, and your spouse is reluctant or hesitant to work on the relationship (or is just not wanting to work with a third-party professional), no problem.  You can work with a Relationship Coach and make great progress.

My team of Relationship Coaches are available for scheduling and offer a number of packages to suit your needs, from a single session to multiple sessions.  We do reward multiple sessions with generous discounts.

NOTE:  This is NOT therapy.  It is Relationship Coaching.  We do not accept insurance plans, and will not provide you with assistance in filing any claims.  Coaching does not fall under the purview of insurance programs.


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Direct Coaching With Me

Yes, I am available (very limited availability) to work with you directly, one-on-one.  Unfortunately, my schedule is very full.  I produce two podcasts each week, lead a couple of Virtual Coaching Programs, have writing obligations, and work with my team.  That leaves only a few hours each week for coaching.

If you want a change, you have to do something different.But, I LOVE to work with clients directly.  That is where I started my career, and is an important part of my life.  So, I do reserve hours each week to work directly with you.  I will be upfront and tell you, my fees are not low.  And I only work by monthly contract.  But during that month, we will meet up to four times, and I can provide limited email support.

If you are ready for coaching, and only want to work with me, you can apply below:


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