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"When will a Coach be calling?," "I want a Coach to call now."

Solution As you know, as part of our program, we offer you the option of having one of our Relationship Coaches give you a call. This is both optional and a bonus. It is not really part of the System, but another piece we put into place to get you going.

In order to prepare for that call, you do want to get busy reading and digesting the material. DO NOT WAIT for them to call. The more you understand of our system, the more productive that call will be.

That said, once you enter your information to request a coach, it can take up to a few days to hear back. The reason is simple: we answer the requests in the order they are received. That is a strict rule for us. Nobody gets moved in front of anyone else.

As soon as your coach has your information, they will either email or call you to set up an appointment at a mutually acceptable time. Please understand that our coaches also have family and commitments.

So, don't expect a callback on weekends or Holidays. Also, requesting a call at midnight is likely not to happen. Our goal is to get you the help you need, but please be cooperative in letting that happen.

Also, our coaches have limited resources to keep trying to reach you. Once they have tried to reach you, it will be up to you to respond. If you do not, we will assume that you are not interested in speaking with a Coach. That will allow us to shift resources to those that would like that assistance.

My hope is that you will help us to help you, and we will do that as quickly as possible.
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