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"I need more help with my marriage" "What else can I do to save my marriage?"

Solution We do have some additional resources that can help you with your marriage.

First, if you feel that you need help from a Relationship Coach, we do have coaches on staff to help you. They are trained as Relationship Coach, and then get further training from Dr. Baucom in using his strategies and methods.

These coaches are hand-picked and very effective. They can speak to either you or you and your spouse. We generally do not recommend they speak to a resistant spouse.

However, a coach can help you, even if you are working on this alone. You see, coaching is not therapy. It is not based on looking at where you have been, and where the problems are. Instead, it looks at where you are and where you want to get to.

Coaching is much more effective than therapy, and often takes a few sessions to get things moving in a better direction.

If you are interested in getting a coach, you can contact us at [email protected] . Please include your best contact information for email and phone.

Second, Dr. Baucom has also created two other popular programs that augment the information in the System.

The Transform Your Marriage Workshop is a recorded version of a program that was help live just a couple of years ago. It is designed to be a one month transformational workshop with daily homework, audio learning, and Q&A sessions from the original event.

You can read about and join this workshop by going to:

The Secret of Marriage Video Series is also available. It is a series of videos that you can watch as often as you wish. You will discover some fundamental secrets of a marriage which escape most couples but create the foundation for an amazing relationship.

You can access this video series at:
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