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Can I Get The Information On My Kindle/iPhone/iPad/Tablet?

Solution The short answer is "Yes."

The long answer, though, is how to do that?

First, let's tackle the Kindle. The Kindle does read Adobe PDF files, the format we use for the documents. And your Kindle has an email address assigned to it. If you do not know it, you will need to visit your account and go to Manage Your Kindle. You will find a spot that will tell you your email address. Note that address.

The next thing you need to do, if you have not, is type in your approved email address from which you will send documents. It is the next section down from your Kindle email address. If you do not approve an address, it will not accept the documents.

Next step is to email the documents as an attachment to the Kindle email address. You can maintain the PDF format by just attaching and sending. Or you can type "Convert" in the subject line, and Amazon will convert the document to a Kindle format.

One trick: Amazon charges you to send a document, unless you make your address look like this: {your_username} When you do that, there is no charge, but you can only download when you are in a WiFi zone.

Now for iPhones and iPads. The downside to both systems is there is no download method, meaning you can't just download a file from the internet. However, if you go to your download link and tap-and-hold the download link, it will actually open the document in your browser. That is, though, a temporary solution.

Better is to email yourself the documents, making sure you tell the email program to completely download the documents. Then, tap to open them. They can be opened in iBooks, or you can grab one of the free pdf readers, including Adobe Reader, from the app store.

Don't have them on your computer? No problem. Let us know, using the email address on your iPhone/iPad, giving us the Clickbank receipt, and we will simply email you the documents.

Other tablets can either download from the links, or you can email the documents to yourself.

One day, we will have technology all sorted out! :-) Until then, those are the work-arounds.
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