The Power of Apology and Forgiving

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The power of apology and forgiving to transform your marriage.Any intimate relationship is going to lead to some hurts along the way.  It’s just impossible to be that close to someone and not bump into each other (and each other’s emotions) every now and then.

The question is what you do when the hurt hangs around. It lingers and lurks, eating away at the connection — unless it is released.

Which is where apologies and forgiving come in.

Each serves a purpose to clear the air.

But to be clear, they aren’t necessarily linked.  You might apologize and not be forgiven.  You might forgive even without an apology.  Each comes from your choice.

Let’s talk about what’s behind each:  the elements of an apology and the decision to forgive.

Anatomy Of An Apology
After An Argument
Importance of Forgiving
How To Save Your Marriage

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